Senate Meeting 02.22.17


The Memorial Union renovation plans are up at These renovations will be voted on as referendum in the upcoming Iowa State Student Elections.

General Orders:

  • Supplementing the Annual Allocations Process for FY18, yes/pass 29-0-0.
    • $100,000 be transferred from the Special Projects Account to the Annual Allocations Account to be allocated during the Annual Allocations process for FY18 and help reduce the amount of money to be cut from budgets.

New Business:

2ND Read (Voted on):

  • Ski and Snowboard Club Nationals Line Item Transfer, yes/pass 28-0-0.
    • Group is going to nationals in Bend, OR. This bill transfer’s money already allocated for a trip to New York and changes the location to Bend, OR.
  • Funding Ski and Snowboard Club Nationals, $361.92 yes/pass 29-0-0.
    • Funds club for travel to Bend, OR.
  • Funding Iowa State Wrestling Club, $996.33 yes/pass 29-0-0.
    • ISU Wrestling Club going to NCWA Great Plains Championships in Fort Collins, CO.


  • Subsidizing Graduate Prep Courses, $37,500.
    • Helping graduates with examination prep.
  • Funding Latino Student Initiatives, $300.
    • Funding room rental.
  • Approving the 2017-2018 Election Apportionments.
    • Allocates correct number of senate seats to areas according to student populations.

All official bills other student government information can be found at: