Senate Meeting 03.22.17

Special Orders:

  • Seating a Human Sciences Senator yes/pass
    • Seating Logan Maxwell

General Orders:

  • Funding Association of Malaysian Students at ISU, yes/pass
  • Funding Swim Club yes/pass
  • Funding GENRE,$1000 yes/pass 29-0-0
    • Funding the event Battle of the Bands on April 22nd.
  • Funding African Students Association, $2,187.00 yes/pass 29-0-0.
    • Funding African Night on April 22nd
  • Funding Equestrian Team, $300.79 yes/pass 29-0-0.
    • Funds a trip for a trip to Canyon, TX.
  • Ratifying the Fiscal Year 2018 ASSET Contracts yes/pass 29-0-0.
  • Resolution Accountability Bylaw Changes, yes/pass
    • Adds 3 bylaws to make sure that resolutions or calls to action that are passed are followed up on the following semester.

New Business:

2ND Read (Voted on):

  • Line Item Transfer for President’s Dinner FY17, $2,667.00 yes/pass 29-0-0.
    • Transfers money for student government president’s dinner.
  • Funding Student Government Diversity Committee Events, $424.70 yes/pass 29-0-0.
    • Funds buttons, chalk and banner.
    • Event is “You Wouldn’t know this About Me But” on March 28th
  • Funding National Society of Black Engineers, $1969.00 yes/pass 29-0-0.
    • Funds conference trip to Kansas City MO on March 29th


  • Account Allocations FY18 Bill
    • $2,395,815.93 total fee Revenue
  • Funding the Phi Sigma Pi Honor Fraternity

All official bills other student government information can be found at:


Freddy Court Spring Newsletter

The following information is regarding safety and security over the upcoming spring break period. For your own safety, please carry your keys and ID card with you at all times.

The policies outlined in the Department of Residence Policy Handbook will be enforced during the break and that residents are responsible for the behavior of any visiting guests.


Leaving For Break? If you will be leaving for any portion of the break, do the following:

_____Close and lock all windows.  VERY IMPORTANT!

_____Take out the trash

_____ Wash and put away any dirty dishes

_____ Open blinds to allow sun and airflow so moisture and mold won’t build up.

_____Turn off lights and unplug non-essential items.

_____Remove all perishable items from your refrigerator.

_____Turn off alarm clocks or any other timed appliances so as not to disturb other residents or cause a safety issue.

_____Take valuable items home to prevent theft.

_____Fish aquariums require constant attention such as feeding and electricity.  Please make prior arrangements for proper care.

_____Lock your door.

_____Set your wall thermostat to 65 degrees.


Assistance over break:

The Frederiksen Office will be closed Saturday, March 11 through Sunday, March 19. If you need assistance during break, call the CA on Call at 515-290-1652. The Service Center (515-294-3322) will be open each day of break. Weekday hours: 7 am-6 pm. Weekends: 8 am-5 pm. If the Service Center is closed and you have an emergency maintenance issue, contact the CA on Duty at: 515-290-1652. For routine work orders, continue to log them online at:



ISU Police will be available over the break period and can be reached by calling 515-294-4428.  For emergencies, dial 911.


Make sure your card is working:

Make sure the building access on your ID card is working. Carry your card and keys at all times over break. If your card is not working, notify the office by noon on Friday, March 10 so we can get it fixed for you.


Building locking schedule over break:

For increased security, apartment building doors will be locked additional hours over break. Doors will lock at 8 pm and reopen at 8 am. These special hours begin Friday, March 10. Normal door hours resume Sunday, March 19.


Apartment Entry Notice:

Department of Residence staff may enter your apartment during break for apartment/room repairs or to conduct routine maintenance (check smoke detectors, heating, cooling and electrical systems, routine filter replacement, etc.)


Parking During Break:

Parking will continue to be enforced in all areas of FC over the break period.


If you have any questions contact the Frederiksen Court office or your Community Adviser.

Safe Travels and Enjoy your upcoming  break!


1010 Frederiksen Court
Iowa State University
Ames, IA   50010
Phone:  515-294-2107

Fax:  515-294-3752

Senate Meeting 03.01.17


  • New LMS system to replace BlackBoard Spring 2018, university is looking at options.
    • If interested in focus group contact

Special Orders:

  • Confirming Supreme Court Nominations, yes/pass UC.
    • Nicholas Holaday, Ashley Dvorsky, and Monica Pietig.

General Orders:

  • Funding Latino Student Initiatives
    • Tabled Indefinitely
  • Funding Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow, $1,000.00 yes/pass 27-0- 0.
    • Fund more copies of CALS Connection magazine to reach more students.
  • Funding ISU Trap and Skeet Club, $2,375.00 yes/pass 24-0- 3.
    • Funding trip to the 2017 ACUI Collegiate Clay Target Championships, March 28th through March 29th In San Antonio, Texas.
  • Approving the 2017-2018 Election Appointments, yes/pass 26-0- 1.
    • Assigns the proper amount of senate seats to constituencies.
  • Subsidizing Graduate Prep Courses, yes/pass 26-0- 1.
    • Subsidizes cost for prep courses for students.
    • GRE- $22,500, 150 students, student cost- $500 down to $350.
    • GMAT- $7,500, 50 students, student cost- $500 down to $350.
    • LSAT- $7,500, 50 students, student cost- $550 down to $400.
  • Additional Clause to the Events Committee, yes/pass 24-1- 2.
    • Events committee Bylaw changes.

New Business:

2 ND Read (Voted on):

  • Funding Iranian Students and Scholars Association, $200 yes/pass 26-0- 1.
    • Funding their event Nowrouz on March 18th , 2017.


  • Funding Association of Malaysian Students at ISU
    • Malaysian Cultural Night April 2 nd
    • $1,040.00
  • Funding Sir Magazine
    • Funds 1000 copies of spring publication
    • $5,600.00
  • Funding Swim Club
    • Trip for competition April 7 th to April 9th .
    • $560.34.00
  • Annual Allocations Recommendations for Fiscal Year 2018
    • Distributes funds to student organizations for next fiscal year.

All official bills other student government information can be found at: